KimberleeB Photography: Blog en-us (C) KimberleeB Photography [email protected] (KimberleeB Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:35:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:35:00 GMT KimberleeB Photography: Blog 80 120 WINTER PHOTO CHALLENGE | WEEK 3: REMBRANDT TRIANGLE This is our 3rd week in the Lighting Challenge and it was a fairly simple task but I was out of town most of the week and had to find a model to be my test subject. My brother and his wife are vacationing with us in Door County Wisconsin and he was the test case for my soft window light/rembrandt triangle assignment.  My brother was a trooper and posed willingly for this photo! I love soft light and this is one of my favorite type of shots! Thanks to my brother for his help! 


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Winter Photo Challenge WEEK 2: Golden Hour Landscapes This is week 2 of our Winter Challenge and I just happen to be in Sunny Southern California rather than in the gloomy November Midwest! I snapped this image on our drive home from boating in Newport Beach! This is the pier in Huntington Beach during the Golden Hour! I took another photo earlier in the weekend but decided to post this photo instead! Like week 1 this shot is straight out of the camera. Love the photo-opps in Sunny California! Back to reality tomorrow!! 

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Winter Photo Challenge Week 1 Backlighting with Natural Light As humans we continue to learn, either actively pursuing educational experiences or by learning as life happens! As a Photographer, one of my goals is to continue to learn to refine my craft, grow my business and learn about new products, tools and techniques! Luckily for me I have joined up with an awesome community of other photographers thanks to Carrie Swails of Photography Awesomesauce! 

Carrie put together a Winter Photo Challenge on Lighting and I am a little late in getting my week one entry in...thanks Carrie for the pass this time! Part of the reason I am late with my submission is that I don't blog! Sure I have one but it has been dormant since 2009 and I can tell you it has been something that has been on my to-do list since then! Thanks to Carrie and the other Photographers in the group who have been posting away...on time I might have given me the encouragement I need to JUST DO IT! 

Here is my week one submission using natural backlight...which is actually one of my go to lighting techniques! Looking forward to the next 21 weeks and learning something new to bring to my sessions! I am going to try and post my pictures straight out of the camera (SOOC) so I can see my progress with shooting and not with editing! This image was shot with a 5D MarkII 70-200 mm f2.8L. - ISO400 200mm f2.8 1/2500

Thanks again Carrie for helping to build an amazing community of helpful and creative souls looking to further their craft and make some friends along the way

EOS MarkD II  - 70-200mm f2.8L - ISO400/200mm/f2.8/1/2500Winter Photo Challenge - Week 1 - Backlighting with Natural Light We haven't seen much sun in the Midwest in the last few weeks but yesterday was a gorgeous fall day, perfect for my backlighting assignment! Thanks to the "A" family for helping me out. This shot is straight out of camera (SOOC) no editing. I will warm it up a bit and lighten their faces before I deliver it!

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